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Gavin Davis (DA) hat @ThomasMabaso92 retweetet :

RT @ThomasMabaso92: These are the same people that were outraged by the movie(Inxeba) telling us that it's disrespectful towards our culture. Today, 34 men have died in initiation school & there's no outrage. We'd rather focus on swimming because that's better than people losing lives.…

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RT @BMaswana: RT @BMaswana: #StateCapture....If it was Boxing Match on ths debate 2nyt a towel would hv been thrown in for anc signalling a "knock out" b…

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RT @NMag_CT: Our extreme poverty is completely self inflicted. No country has to be poor. What can we do: Stop EWC immediately! Curb the power of unions. Corrupt politicians must go to jail. Stop all racial hatred. Become investor friendly. Scrap BEE. Lower taxes.

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RT @pierredevos: Not a constitutionally valid reason. Rule must be linked to purpose of lockdown, which is suppressing spread of Covid-19. Is the minister advised by lawyers?

Gavin Davis (DA) hat getwittert :

So many people blaming the ANC for everything. South Africa doesn’t have an ANC problem, it has a political accountability problem. If voters allow one party to govern in perpetuity and with impunity, that is what they will do. Why is this so hard?

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RT @alanwinde: It is totally unacceptable that peaceful protesters are being met with hostile treatment by the police. We have contacted the provincial police commissioner to…

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RT @DebbieSchafer: RT @DebbieSchafer: Don't tell me what to do.

Gavin Davis (DA) hat @BBCPolitics retweetet :

RT @BBCPolitics: #Marr: Is Sir Keir Starmer going to be a better Labour leader than you? Ed Miliband: "Definitely. We've seen that already"

Gavin Davis (DA) hat @pierredevos retweetet :

RT @pierredevos: Could you assist? Where do you get your information from? Can't find any of this in the regulations which merely say in Annexure B(A)1.(i) that "any food product, including non-alcoholic beverages" are essential goods?

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