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MP. Shadow Minister of Communications & Digital Technologies. VVEngage Fellow. Feminist. Liberal. Audiophile. Virago. Activist. Innovator. Cinephile.

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Phumzile Van Damme (DA) hat @guardian geantwortet :

@guardian “So when they say the way we’re going to fix covid is with a vaccine, I’m extremely cautious. That’s the mark of the beast. “They want to put chips inside of us, they want to do all kinds of things to make it where we can’t cross the gates of heaven.” - Kanye West

Phumzile Van Damme (DA) hat getwittert :

What is the one lesson from your parents you are grateful for? Mine is gratitude. To say "thank you," no matter how "small," the deed is.

Phumzile Van Damme (DA) hat @IOL retweetet :

RT @IOL: RT @IOL: #Day12ofLockdown: DA's @zilevandamme says she will personally counter Covid-19 fake news…

Phumzile Van Damme (DA) hat @BilalAbdiEnt retweetet :

RT @BilalAbdiEnt: Media will cover destruction but not cover the mourning of #GeorgeFloyd smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ we need spread awareness that our people are PEACEFUL #BlackLivesMatter #MinneapolisUprising

RT @MultiChoiceSA: We’ve today released the findings of the board review about our relationship with ANN7. You can read our full statement here:

Phumzile Van Damme (DA) hat @Our_DA retweetet :

RT @Our_DA: 📺| @Natasha9Mazzone addressing Parliament. "We proudly stand here and say if you strike a woman you strike a rock...but where is that respect in real life? Women are not raping women; girls are not raping girls. Women are not killing women; girls are not killing girls."

RT @vusumuzijacob: RT @vusumuzijacob: Next election am gonna be on that list #DAList

RT @PreciousScele: Hi there. I am a 23year old and I hold a BSc Hons in Forensic Genetics and I have been struggling to find a job for more than a year now. Please could you kindly retweet and share this post for me. My employer could be on your TL. Your help would be much appreciated ♥️

Phumzile Van Damme (DA) hat @MaxduPreez retweetet :

RT @MaxduPreez: No, come on! >> Shipping giants are starting to avoid Cape Town as harbour is hit by illness, long delays… via @BusinessInsider

Phumzile Van Damme (DA) hat @ohThandi retweetet :

RT @ohThandi: #TheANCisKillingSA To all those voting this year Think b4 voting for Ur leaders, Dont be misled by leaders who are only after pwr and have no desire to lead their country. Don't let propaganda and hate speech cloud your judgement. Do Ur research and make an informed decision.