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A revolutionarist. Be truthful to yourself rest shall follow. EFF MP,CCT member| gender activist| Labour relations advisor|. Proudly Black and African.

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RT @NthabiLSepato: RT @NthabiLSepato: Bleeding monthly because you’re not pregnant is a bit dramatic though, I feel like the whole thing can be better handled.

RT @Katlego_Mack: RT @Katlego_Mack: Phumzile Ngwane is her name!!! No parents named their child Domestic Worker ◽◽…

RT @EFF_Cape_Metro: Greetings Leaders, Let us please send this communication to all our areas in and around Cape Town. One of us is missing. Thanks🙏🏿

RT @ramokgetshane: @GardeeGodrich @AndiMakinana @EFFSouthAfrica EFF is a Pace Setter...Like philosophers used to say "Imitation is another form of flattery"...EFF with the mind of its own..Prince of Political Airwaves..In EFF i believe

RT @QwinOfSheba: #RIPZindziMandela, Many do not know that in the middle of all the eulogies, you were not paid your salary for months by DIRCO. To punish you, Naledi Pandor sent you a message that you should go to the low-ranking Liberia embassy. Rest in power Mbokodo! 😭

RT @le_bassett: Germany is conducting 160k Covid-19 tests a week. It has a total 35k ventilators, 10k ordered to be made by the govt. It has converted a new 1k bed hospital in Berlin. It’s death rate is tiny bcos it’s mass testing allows quarantine and bcos it has fewer non reported cases.

RT @EFFSouthAfrica: RT @EFFSouthAfrica: EFF Central Command Team meeting is virtually in session. We shall overcome Coronavirus. #EFFTurns7…

RT @Zodiac_Rebel: RT @Zodiac_Rebel: @MightiJamie @MarianneThamm Moloi you expected to be at the NPA yet you are freezing condoms

RT @Zodiac_Rebel: Jacob Zuma was an idiot If he really wanted to hurt this cabal of WMC He should have implemented the first 2 cardinal pillars of the EFF He was playful & now his supporters want to make him a hero for nothing on the periphery