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RT @seldofficial: Classrooms at Garhi Khuda Bux Bhutto school equipped with audio visual aids (A.V. aids) to make learning experience of st…

Omar Sarfraz Cheema (pakistan) hat getwittert :

25 جولائی ۲۰۱۸پاکستان کی سیاسی تاریخ میں حقیقی جمہوریت کے آغاز کے دن طور پر یاد رکھا جائے گا یہ وہ دن تھا جب پاکستانی قوم نے کرپٹ نااہل سویلین ڈکٹیٹروں کے اقتدار کا خاتمہ کیا ۲۵ جولائی ہمیشہ” یوم جمہوریت “کے نامُ سے یاد رہے گا

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RT @AmirToumaj: “We are in a region that is tense and important for the world and we don’t want more tension,” said Sheikh Abdullah. https:…

RT @AahmedBinQasim: 'Do you miss Abbu while he is in prison?' Ahmed asked Asiya who was lulling him to sleep. 'No. I have you. I have Muham…

Zia Ullah Bangash (pakistan) hat getwittert :

Insaf Ki Jeet; Peshawar High Court on a writ petition filed by ANP MPA declared the appointment of Advisors and Special Assistants to CM KP as per the constitution, and suspension case dismissed by PHC. 1/2

Zia Ullah Bangash (pakistan) hat getwittert :

2/2 Opposition should be ashamed of themselves for trying to create hurdles just for their politics, for an elected provincial govt working for public welfare. Awami khidmat ka jazba hamara ab aur barhay ha InshAllah.

RT @nayadaurpk_urdu: First Pakistani player to score century in CWC since 1987. BABAR AZAM!! 😍😘 #CWC19 #WeHaveWeWill #WorldCup2019 #babara…