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RT @AhsankingKhan7: تصویر بولتی ہے!! فاٹا میں وٹو کی بوریا بوٹ کے نیچے پڑی ہے اور اُوپر سے اِن پر بندوق تھاما ہوا ہے سمجھنے والو کیلئے ایک تصویر کافی ہے #سلیکشن @GulBukhari @BushraGohar @AWGoraya @romaancekhan @sahibdadkhan @MJibranNasir @Nasir_yousafza @MirSwat @tabinda_m

Bushra Gohar (pakistan) hat @_Hoor_786 retweetet :

RT @_Hoor_786: RT @_Hoor_786: خان سانپ وزیراعظم بننے کی کوشش کرتے ہوئے بس انگلی کی کمی رہ گئی ◽

Bushra Gohar (pakistan) hat @HabibKhanT retweetet :

RT @HabibKhanT: If fundamentalism comes to Afghanistan, war will continue for many more years. Afghanistan will turn into a center of world smuggling for narcotic drugs. Afghanistan will be turned into a center for terrorism. — President Najibullah, 1992

Bushra Gohar (pakistan) hat @NidaKirmani retweetet :

RT @NidaKirmani: When Imran Khan speaks about Islamophobia at international forums without also acknowledge the persecution of religious minorities in Pakistan, it is disingenuous at best, hypocritical at worst. #PMImranKhanAtUNGA

Bushra Gohar (pakistan) hat @TalhaZareef retweetet :

RT @TalhaZareef: So leaders basically ignored health care professionals in its own government and opened up the country for everyone to fall ill. That was 15 days ago. No one should forget that.

RT @Fada_hussain786: ہمارے پیارے دوست احتشام افغان کے خلاف سائبر کرائم کے تحت مقدمہ درج کیا گیا ہے۔ اس ملک میں اختلاف رائے رکھنے والوں کے خلاف جس طرح انتقامی کارروائیاں ہو رہی ہیں، اس طرح کی کاروایاں ہمارے بیانئے کو مزید توقعیت دے گی۔ @a_siab @BushraGohar @mjdawar @ManzoorPashteen @mazdak

Bushra Gohar (pakistan) hat @watan_jar_ retweetet :

RT @watan_jar_: The land dispute between the two tribes in District Kurram has intensified. Despite the use of such heavy weapons, the silence of the administration, media and the state is a question mark‼ @a_siab @mjdawar @Aliwazirna50 @IhteshamAfghan @BushraGohar @kAfghaan #KurramWantPeace

Bushra Gohar (pakistan) hat @watan_jar_ retweetet :

RT @watan_jar_: RT @watan_jar_: مذاکرات کی سنجیدگی کا عالم یہ ہے کہ بات بھی کرے تو پکڑ دھکڑ جاری ہو @a_siab @BushraGohar #ReleaseHajiSamad…

Bushra Gohar (pakistan) hat @watan_jar_ retweetet :

RT @watan_jar_: This is the seriousness of government talks ? #PTMBannu @AbdulSmdKhan and his associates court BBA cancelled they was protesting against the martyrdom of Arif Wazir. He will be transferred to jail after judicial extradition. @a_siab @BushraGohar

Bushra Gohar (pakistan) hat @watan_jar_ retweetet :

RT @watan_jar_: PTM founding member #HanifPashteen working for human rights in Pashtunkwa who is imprisoned for the last 1 year without any trial or conviction, facing fake charges. @a_siab @BushraGohar #ReleaseHanifPashteen