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Education Minister Punjab. MPA #PP159 Lahore. Trying to make a real difference in people's lives. #PTI #PTIFamily

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Murad Raas (pakistan) hat @Pakistanlndex retweetet :

RT @Pakistanlndex: Best Holiday Destinations for 2020: 20. JP🇯🇵 19. HR 🇭🇷 18. PA🇵🇦 17. MA 🇲🇦 16. BVI🇻🇬 15. DK🇩🇰 14. CN🇨🇳 13. LB🇱🇧 12. USA…

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Completely agree with you. Do not FEAR my media friends. He is only human just like you.

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RT @MashwaniAzhar: محکمہ تعلیم میں کرپشن ختم کروانی شروع کی اور کام نا کرنے والوں کو ہٹایا تو منسٹر کے خلاف خبر چلوا دی کہ وہ ایک دفتر میں…

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This is how successful the Casual Leave process that has just been automated is performing. Total Leave Applied: 66,711 Approved 48,744 Rejected 8,974 Pending 8,993 Pending over 24 hours: 3,369 %age of Pendency 13.51%

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RT @soufiasiddiqi: Education has to be about more than just getting a job. It has to be an experience that gives you roots, a sense of iden…

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TO WHOM IT MY CONCERN دو نہیں ایک پاکستان!!!

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RT @mensoor: #Democracy, a buzzword Shareef’s keep trumpeting, least they stand any near about it.Not even a single penny given to PTI’s e…

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RT @mensoor: Branding and adornment of venue “ Dubai Chowk “ to welcome Chairman Imran Khan ❗️

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All Schools (Public & Private) to remain closed tomorrow November 7th, 2019.

Murad Raas (pakistan) hat @SchoolFeePK geantwortet :

@SchoolFeePK School feed has been corrected. NOW you should really start paying your bills for once instead of complaining about your bills all the time.