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Education Minister Punjab. MPA #PP159 Lahore. Trying to make a real difference in people's lives. #PTI #PTIFamily

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Murad Raas (pakistan) hat @mymaamer retweetet :

RT @mymaamer: RT @mymaamer: @HassanMuzammail @DrMuradPTI پوری پی ٹی آئی میں ایک واحد انسان ہیں یہ @DrMuradPTI جو کام کرتے ہیں

Murad Raas (pakistan) hat @DrMuradPTI retweetet :

RT @DrMuradPTI: FAKE NEWS: No date has been Announced for opening of Schools in Punjab. What I have said is that if the Conditions of COVID 19 are manageable, only then we will try to open by August 15, 20 under very strict SOPs. I will not endanger the lives of our Children or our Teachers.

RT @CertifiedTrolll: RT @CertifiedTrolll: @DrMuradPTI حنا کیا آپ اس قرارداد کے حق میں ووٹ دو گی؟ @hinaparvezbutt

Murad Raas (pakistan) hat getwittert :

George Floyd incident suddenly the CURE for Covid 19 in matter of days. Over 100,000 (USA) people dead. Covid is suddenly over. It’s all about Fake Media. Whatever Hype they can sell they will project. Pathetic. What about the 100,000 families that have lost their loved ones?

Murad Raas (pakistan) hat @hassan_k82 geantwortet :

@hassan_k82 @aatishzada It was for April & May

Murad Raas (pakistan) hat getwittert :

Any Private School that opens tomorrow will be dealt with strict Action. No Private or Punluc School in Punjab will open till the Punjab Government allows it through a Notification. We will not let anyone ENDANGER the lives of our Children & Teachers & their families.

Murad Raas (pakistan) hat getwittert :

Action Taken before FAKE NEWS gives it a hype.

Murad Raas (pakistan) hat getwittert :

Announcement regarding Grades 9th, 10th, 11th, & 12th will be made next week. Higher Education Minister Punjab & myself are discussing all the issues. These are extraordinary conditions, extraordinary decisions are required. Please be patient, will come up with the best solution.

Murad Raas (pakistan) hat @mensoor retweetet :

RT @mensoor: Yesterday @DrMuradPTI held meeting in constituency to inspect sewerage/water probs,Tday PMLN started repair work.This is how to make em work

Murad Raas (pakistan) hat @mensoor retweetet :

RT @mensoor: RT @mensoor: Congratulations big brother @DrMuradPTI on your appointment as Sect Information Central Punjab .