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Husband, Father, Parliament's Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee (since 2011); 2006-11 Macedonia's MFA; 2000-01 Government Spokesperson

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RT @GreekAnalyst: "In almost any other country – even #Greece in days gone by – MinDef Kammenos would have been ousted for defying the government line and presenting his own foreign policy." An absolute must read by @Mandravelis on the sad state of the Greek government.…

RT @GreekAnalyst: According to Greek journalist (and best friend of MinDef Kammenos) Giorgos Tragkas, Kammenos has his "own intelligence agency", he "bought a spying suitcase" from Israel, and spies on everyone - Syriza Ministers, bank chiefs, even the Head of the National Intelligence Service.

RT @saltwatered: Имате застарена слика за дијаспора. Новите генерации дијаспора се учени деца, амбициозни, интелектуалци, и воглавно си ја сакаат Македонија. И ја имаат таа среќа да не зависат од сдсм и вмро. Затоа никој не ги сака.

Antonio Macedonian (unknown) hat @kr3at retweetet :

RT @kr3at: A #coronavirus warning from inside the ICU. #Covid19 puts everyone at risk, not just old people, not just people with underlying medical conditions. Young people are being hit hard by the virus too.

RT @EddieDonovan: RT @EddieDonovan: Italian Police Smash Antifa. Forza Italia! ◽◽ :-)

RT @Jascco87: RT @Jascco87: Kuća koja negira postojanje arhitekture i građevine kao nauke

RT @disclosetv: RT @disclosetv: NEW - Outside wall of the Bank of France set on fire in #Paris.

RT @RealJamesWoods: RT @RealJamesWoods: Priceless... ◽

RT @MacaesBruno: RT @MacaesBruno: Not making any comments but striking video, worth watching

RT @disclosetv: BREAKING - Austrian Interior Minister: "At least one attacker is still at large. If you live in #Vienna: Stay at home. If possible, do not send your children to school tomorrow. An attack on one of us, is an attack on all of us."