Alle gelöschten Tweets von Politikern

Startup Monk (india) hat @Imamofpeace retweetet :

RT @Imamofpeace: The Muslim Ban is real: Somalia Algeria Bangladesh Brunei Iran Iraq Kuwait Lebanon Libya Malaysia Oman Pakistan Saudi Arabia Sudan Syria UAE Yemen Are the Muslim majority countries Israelis are banned from entering. But Ilhan has nothing to say about that.

Juan Carlos Girauta (EU) hat @Alvisepf retweetet :

RT @Alvisepf: Condenas del Consejo DDHH de Naciones Unidas (2006-2019): 🇩🇿 Algeria - 0 🇨🇳 China - 0 🇮🇶 Iraq - 0 🇵🇰 Pakistan - 0 🇶🇦 Qatar - 0 🇷🇺 Russia - 0 🇸🇴 Somalia - 0 🇹🇷 Turkey - 0 🇻🇪 Venezuela - 0 🇿🇼 Zimbabwe - 0 🇮🇱 Israel - 69 Burócratas contra la única democracia de Oriente Próximo

Mihkel (estonia) hat @RALee85 retweetet :

RT @RALee85: Video of the Airborne Platoon competition at the Army Games 2019 with teams from Russia, Algeria, Angola, Belarus, Venezuela, Iran, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, China, Cuba, Morocco, Mali, Syria, Tajikistan, Sri Lanka, and South Africa.…

Charles M. Huber (unbekannt) hat getwittert :

systematic unfair play of #Algeria #CAN2019 against #Senegal - very unsportive - #MuyThay stile #AFCON2019

Charles M. Huber (unbekannt) hat getwittert :

#CAN2019EGYPT if you have watched the game #Algeria vs. #Ghana you have seen who is the most important actor on the field. The #referee .

Charles M. Huber (unbekannt) hat getwittert :

#Algeria wanted to eliminate #Senegal as a competitor in #CAF2019 #CAN2019EGYPT with an Algerian referee. To obvious , unfair and ridiculous . Still- bravo les #LionsDeLaTeranga 1:0

Charles M. Huber (unbekannt) hat getwittert :

#CAF2019 #Maghreb solidarité - all referees game #Egypt - #DRCongo are frim #Algeria #AfricaCupofNations #soccer #Fussball

Charles M. Huber (unbekannt) hat getwittert :

#CAF2019 what a joke- all referees #Egypt - #DRCongo are frim #Algeria