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Johannes Hahn (unknown) hat @ulrichspeck retweetet :

RT @ulrichspeck: RT @ulrichspeck: Two interesting bits here. Merkel telling Macron that she is fed up.…

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RT @laurnorman: @EmmanuelMacron Senior EU diplomat weighs in to agree with this account. "In addition, Merkel had to invest heavily with own backbenchers, so feels doubly screwed," person says. "Macron had given Merkel explicit assurances that NMac would be ok." 3/3

RT @JamesKerLindsay: #Merkel certainly needs to work on #Macron. As noted, rejecting #NorthMacedonia #Albania will have far wider consequences. Who in Western #Balkans will take #EU at its word after this? It will certainly hamper efforts to deal with #Bosnia & #Kosovo-#Serbia…

Věra Jourová (EU) hat @cebit retweetet :

RT @cebit: Chancellor #Merkel promoting free trade: "At a time of the Internet of Things we need to link societies, too." - #CeBIT17 #dconomy17

Dominique Bilde (EU) hat @DominiqueBilde retweetet :

RT @DominiqueBilde: 👉 L’#UE à l’heure allemande avec une proche de #Merkel à la tête de la commission, 👉 Fermeture de 400 #écoles à la rentrée malgré la promesse du gouvernement, 👉 L’Albanie, la Macédoine du Nord et l’UE. Retrouvez mon bulletin d’information. ⤵

Dominique Bilde (EU) hat getwittert :

📽 Alors que l'#UE vient de passer définitivement à l'heure allemande avec la nomination d'une proche de #Merkel à la Commission, notre nouveau groupe @GroupeID_FR, 5ème force politique du Parlement européen, fera entendre la voix des peuples européens face aux technocrates ! ⤵

RT @DerekinBerlin: RT @DerekinBerlin: NSA Merkel phone tap: chancellor saw Greek debt as unsustainable in 2011 even with another haircut #Wikileaks #Greece ht…

RT @MilevskaTanja: Chancellor Merkel tells @MIA_NEWS_en that she will throw all her political weight behind the decision to start accession talks w/ N.Macedonia by October. It’s a matter of weeks, she said, I will do everything I possibly can to bring about a positive decision. MK did examplary job

RT @DaveKeating: The Commission presidency would then go to a Liberal or Socialist (but Merkel could end up making the Council presidency the more powerful one). But the Council president position starts now. It doesn't leave enough time to fill the power vacuum from Merkel leaving Berlin...

Udo Voigt (EU) hat @SteinNPD retweetet :

RT @SteinNPD: RT @SteinNPD: Jeder weiß: patriotische #Politik gibt es in #Deutschland nur mit der #NPD! #BTW17 #Orban #Merkel