Alle gelöschten Tweets von Politikern

RT @wakeel_apka: #Avari Hotel Dubai has been closed due to the economic meltdown amid #COVID19 and people are blaming #marriott and #PC Pakistan for laying off employees!

RT @drivevolleys: Roger won Miami, reached the final in Indian Wells, won Dubai, reached the quarters of Madrid and Rome and the semis at Roland Garros. All those points gone in one statement.

RT @barooq: again anyone living in dubai knows about off plan properties . lol in fact my cousin who visited first time could not believe that in a mall people are selling villas/apartments on a stall 😂…

RT @semakalengm: RT @semakalengm: Lol!!!! Dubai trips will never be the same.…

Asaduddin Owaisi (india) hat @Nehr_who retweetet :

RT @Nehr_who: Arnob : A man who returned from Dubai to MP on March 17 has infected atleast 11 people, Nation wants to know Is he related to tabliq? Is this some kind of Jehad? Panelist: His name is Suresh Arnab: Ok, Moving on to the next question, Why didn't u light a candle Yesterday?

RT @HFWOdisha: RT @HFWOdisha: One 32 years male from Kendrapada who had returned from Dubai on 24 March is confirmed positive for COVID-19.

Sudhanshu Mittal (india) hat @DDNewslive retweetet :

RT @DDNewslive: Nothing better than being at home ... Happiness is YOU..says a millennial from Dubai who is chilling with herself and siblings #StayHome...staysafe

RT @samirsaran: This is true. I landed at Delhi Airport last night, which was remarkably well prepared and a sharp relief from Dubai and JFK where i was arriving from... @HardeepSPuri @DrSJaishankar @drharshvardhan @PMOIndia #COVID19

RT @spectatorindex: Minutes of work needed to afford a Big Mac. Hong Kong: 9 Tokyo: 10 Sydney: 11 NY: 11 LA: 11 London: 12 Paris: 15 Dubai: 17 Madrid: 19 Moscow: 20 Athens: 26 Istanbul: 34 Shanghai: 35 Beijing: 42 New Delhi: 50 Cairo: 63 Jakarta: 66 Mexico City: 78 Nairobi: 173 (The Economist)

RT @spectatorindex: Share of population that is foreign born. Dubai: 83% Brussels: 62% Los Angeles: 39% London: 37% NY: 37% Amsterdam: 28% Paris: 25% (IOM)