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Member of Parliament for Darlington & Shadow Brexit Minister


President of @ALDEGroup and Brexit Coordinator for @Europarl_EN #IAmEuropean

RT @SheRa_Marley: Just had someone at the door canvassing for Battersea @UKLabour for local elections. Stop Brexit, says I. That's in our…

RT @GeorgeKerevan: 37 days till Brexit crash-out. Time for SNP leadership to say what happens then. If a no-deal Brexit, then MUST be IndyR…

RT @AngusMacNeilSNP: "If the British Army on the Western Front were lions led by donkeys, Brexit is those who feel they have nothing to los…

Richard Corbett (EU) hat @bphillipsonMP retweetet :

RT @bphillipsonMP: Few things would be more disastrous for trust in our political class than going ahead with a Brexit that will deliver a…

Robert Jenrick MP (Conservative) hat getwittert :

An explanation of Labour’s policy on Brexit. #incomprehensible

RT @joepike: WATCH: Jamie Driscoll - Labour's candidate to be the new North of Tyne Mayor - struggles to explain his position on #Brexit.…

RT @Nigel_Farage: Keep in touch with The Brexit Party. Twitter: @brexitparty_uk Facebook:

RT @Change_Britain: Honda says very clearly that their disappointing decision to close a plant has nothing to do with Brexit. What does Lo…

Sebastian Steineke (unbekannt) hat getwittert :

Wir sind schon da! AG Recht und Verbraucherschutz Themen u.a. #219a #Patentgericht #Brexit

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RT @AlynSmith: A lot of good sense on @BBCScotland from @davidmartinmep and @HeidiHautala this morning on brexit.