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Former EU Climate Action and Energy Commissioner


EU-Commissioner for Budget and Administration

RT @ldobsonhughes: So Ministers took their chauffeured cars back to London, then resigned. The EU really doesn’t care about resignations. They’ve always negotiated with the senior civil servant. And it’s of little impact to them if Britain crashes out without a deal

Erik Høgh-Sørensen (denmark) hat getwittert :

Har du husket vintertid? Det har der været en stor debat nede i EU og med skær af komik: Thi EU-kleptokratiet har jo altid budt på forfejlede og forsinkede løsninger på Europas problemer 😆👎 Danexit nu, tak 🇩🇰👍

Chris Bryant MP (Labour) hat @reporterboy retweetet :

RT @reporterboy: RT @reporterboy: @RhonddaBryant is right about the SI for EU ref date

Geert Wilders (pvv) hat @geertwilderspvv retweetet :

RT @geertwilderspvv: Stem PVV op 17 maart 2021: - einde islamisering NL - einde NL in de EU - einde zorgvrekkigheid - einde corruptie - einde massa immigratie - einde ons geld naar buitenland - einde pensioenkortingen - einde laffe consensuspolitiek - einde NOS Een nieuw begin. #PVV #Wilders

RT @AngusMacNeilSNP: RT @AngusMacNeilSNP: EU is taking back control ...not one of the Brexiteers can complain. ◽◽◽

tiers bakker (sp) hat @joshuaclov3r retweetet :

RT @joshuaclov3r: "In sum, racial, ethnic, and religious exclusion and border violence will continue as a necessary feature of the EU, not despite it." Some remarks on the catastrophe called Europe.

RT @fvdemocratie: #FVD komt in het Europees Parlement op voor de Nederlandse vissers. De EU gijzelt de visserijsector in Brexitruzie. @djeppink: 'Nederland mag zijn vissers niet overboord gooien, ook al vist de EU achter het net. Bilaterale onderhandelingen NL-VK moeten mogelijk zijn!'

RT @MarkHumphries6: RT @MarkHumphries6: @nsoamesmp @DanHannanMEP biodiversity & environmental protection, another example of UK leading in EU. #StrongerIn

RT @NoraMulready: Buried in article is fact that only 1/3 of 3million EU citizens in UK have registered on EU Settlement Scheme. So, 2 million, among them them the least empowered, least well connected, most marginalised, on course to be illegal immigrants on Brexit day.…

RT @NoraMulready: Spoke to #EUSettlementScheme today. Asked what would happen to EU citizens who'd not applied by 31st Oct, if there was no deal & end to FOM. Remember, gov advice is, if No Deal, EU citz have until Dec 2020 to apply. Was told "their rights could not be guaranteed" on 1st Nov.