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Member of Parliament,Foreign Affairs and Environment. Blue Reform party. From Tampere, Finland. Accepts no lobby money. Youth & Equality. No to racism.

Toby Perkins (Labour) hat @abradacabla geantwortet :

@abradacabla I respect that some Otha S a different view, but I don’t betthe fight against racism is won by quitting the Labour Party.

Ligia Krajewska (po) hat @macdac retweetet :

RT @macdac: Jak brzmi to hasło FIFA? "Say no to racism"? To mam wrażenie, że na meczach polskiej reprezentacji jest puste:…

Ligia Krajewska (po) hat @JohnSemenowicz retweetet :

RT @JohnSemenowicz: Jimmy Carter: Donald #Trump ‘tapped a waiting reservoir of inherent racism’ - - @washtimes

Chuka Umunna (Labour) hat @smacnaughtan retweetet :

RT @smacnaughtan: Macpherson report found there was institutional racism in the police - in 2016 I’m afraid that's still the case, @ChukaUm…

RT @SenatorDodson: The past 24 hours have been a wake up call to all Australians that we must all stand up to racism, to bigotry, to hatred…

RT @June_Oscar: Farewell to my friend & colleague @timsout. You have done an outstanding job, always fearless in calling out racism & leadi…

Richard Burgon MP (Labour) hat getwittert :

Great Stand Up To Racism meeting in Leeds last night. Proud to be there in solidarity with the practical work they’re doing under the banner of: ■ Refugees Welcome ■ No to Islamophobia, No to Anti-Semitism + No to Scapegoating Migrants ■ Black Lives Matter

Laurin Liu (unknown) hat getwittert :

Something infinitely diverse* has no core identity** and ceases to exist***. *Institutional racism **has been a part of Canada’s history ***and continues to this day

Charles M. Huber (unbekannt) hat getwittert :

I am deeply disgusted about all these remarks of #racism and #AntiSemitism followed by all this threadbare excuses after. These are low blows against #civilization . You guys are not at all prophets for a better #world -on contrary . If the world is bad tou are making it worse

Janice Atkinson (EU) hat getwittert :

The developed algorithms for detecting what @EU_Commission deems racism, xenophobia and hatred. Remember, current EU make up is majority Merkel, socialist, hard left/Green. This is about crushing populism and retaining the status quo. Vote against them #Elections2019